Web Apps & Single Page Applications with Vanilla JavaScript

Sted: Business Academy Aarhus, Ringvej Syd 104, 8260 Viby J

Join this event to get inspired to build Single Page Applications with Vanilla JavaScript and how to use the web and app development platform Firebase to rock your web app!

Over the past years, JavaScript has become a very strong player in web development, but is Vanilla JavaScript strong enough to build comprehensive and scalable web applications? And can we develop Single Page Applications with Vanilla JavaScript? 

The short answer is: You can literally build anything with JavaScript (in between web and app development). 

Speaker Rasmus Cederdorff

Rasmus Cederdorff is a lecturer at Business Academy Aarhus, teaching multimedia designers in frontend web development. Former full-time Freelance Web & App Developer. Check out his: webpage, LinkedIn and Instagram.

In relation to the corona virus, we adhere to all the applicable guidelines and have the required distance between chairs. We also have plenty of sanitiser. The maximum number of participants is therefore 65, with a first-come, first-served principal.