Do I need to find my own accommodation?

No, we have booked rooms for everyone at Zleep Hotel. See more under Practical details or check out the website of Zleep hotel 

What is the weather like in Denmark in April?

What can we say about April in Denmark? It’s like the Russian roulette. Warm and sunny? Maybe. Windy and overcast? Could be. Hail and frigid temperatures? Wouldn’t be a surprise. Be prepared for anything and any temperature range from 4-12 degrees Celsius. Might be a good idea to check the forecast before you go!

Anything specific I need to bring?

Since we are walking from the hotel to the academy (1,2 km), it would be a good idea to bring walking shoes. Other than that, please bring your laptop.

Is there a dresscode?

Business casual Monday, when we will be visiting the Mayor at City Hall, and formal for the dinner party on Friday.