Keynote speakers

Mikael Moeslund, Co-Founder at EASI’R

EASI’R is the relationship acceleration platform that +10 of the most innovative automotive brands and their +2,600 dealers across Europe rely on to inspire customer loyalty, close more deals and automatically scale their automotive business. Everyday more than 16.000 users benefit from EASI'R.

At EASI’R we are on a mission to revolutionize the way companies in the automotive industry work with customer relations. We live and breathe creating great software. We push the limits of possibilities and explore new grounds of the tech-landscape. We do this to deliver software that our customers can’t live without, while bringing a new breed of relations software to the world.

With our industry leading cloud platform we map out relationship-building routes to streamline sales process and refine follow-up strategies. By helping the automotive industry simplifying their workflow, motivate their dealers to stay on top of targets, and build more profitable relationships using fewer resources, we help focus on the work most important to the industry: taking care of their customers.

Ahmet Günes, Owner, Günes & Co /

The effects of working with design in the automotive industry

Design Thinking process is mysterious, chaotic, and at many times complex. However, it is a discipline which will grow on you and your company with direct practice. In this workshop you will learn the methods of how to generate sharp customer insights, problem framing, idea generation techniques and the importance of prototypes.

Ahmet Günes has worked in the fields of innovation, change management, organisational culture and behavioural changes in organisations since 2005. He has experience in managing innovation and change processes, and in developing organisations and new concepts in both the private and public sectors, as well as through voluntary work.

As a change agent, Ahmet has ensured motivation and the feeling of ownership among stakeholders before, during and after implementing new and challenging measures and changes. He works at the intersection of curious anthropology and strict business, and uses anthropologically identified patterns in human behaviour to find new solutions to complex challenges in the workplace.

He is a specialist in the fields of user-driven innovation, service design and concept development rooted in anthropologic and ethnographic field studies. He also specialises in starting and developing small and medium-sized organisations in all sectors, including NGOs, associations and social entrepreneurships. He has in-depth experience of talent spotting and the development of youngsters.

In 2007, he was awarded the Automotive Marketing Graduate of the Year and with the association o.n.e. aarhus, he won the Integration Award in Aarhus in 2011. In 2012, Berlingske Business chose him as one of the top 100 business talents in Denmark. That same year, Ahmet was nominated for the CSR Awards 2012, and won the Integration Award 2012 with ‘Lead the Talent’. In 2014, he was elected as Entrepreneur of the Year in Rotary Aarhus.