Info for students

Application deadline is 12 September 2019. Apply here 

  • The course is equivalent to 5 ECTS points and includes an oral exam. If you pass the exam, the course will be added to your diploma. 
  • The learning material and presentations will be in English. The working language in some teams will be Danish.
  • In the first session you are required to inform us of any dates that you will be unable to attend. 

What qualifications are needed?

Students who apply for participation are screened according to the below qualifications: 

  • You have strong professional qualifications from your programme.
  • You have acquired work experience from a student job or voluntary work.
  • You are highly motivated to work with innovation and interdisciplinarity from a theoretical and practical point of view with an open mind-set.
  • You are prepared to work in-depth with your own theoretical and professional competencies within the team.
  • You intend to work professionally in the team in the collaboration with fellow students
  • You are prepared to attend all classes and the workshop together with your team.
  • You are a student in the 2nd, 3rd or 4th semester of an AP degree or a Bachelor’s programme or in the 1st, 2nd or 3rd semester of a Bachelor’s top-up programme.

Learning objectives 

The purpose of the course is to achieve the following learning objectives:

You must have knowledge about:

  • Interdisciplinary teamwork and group dynamics
  • Basic concepts and techniques related to facilitation of interdisciplinary teams
  • The opportunities and challenges of interdisciplinary teamwork in innovation processes

Skills - you must be able to:

  • Communicate your professional knowledge and competences in interdisciplinary settings
  • Observe and reflect upon the working process of the team and the contributions of the team members
  • Contribute to the progress of the team and solution of discrepancies and conflicts
  • Develop, process and communicate innovative solutions based on interdisciplinarity

Competencies - you must learn to:

  • Cooperate with people with different educational and professional backgrounds
  • Plan and facilitate well-defined interdisciplinary innovation processes linked to either products og processes
  • Acquire new knowledge and skills related to interdisciplinary teamwork and innovation processes

Programme: 4 days and workshop

4 October, 11 October, 25 October, 11 November

Workshop 31 october + 1 November (full days)