The programme is subject to change. 

During class, you’ll work together with fellow students in interdisciplinary teams. Your team should solve a specific company challenge. The case-companies are primarily from the micro-segment with up to 10 employees.


Please note that the learning material and presentations will be in English. The working language in some teams will be Danish.


Business Academy Aarhus, Sønderhøj 48, 8260 Viby J.


29 September, 6 October, 13 October and 3 November from 12.10 – 3.30 pm. Workshop 26 – 27 October. 

Module 1: Kick-off 
29 September from 12.10 – 3.30 pm

Joint session in the Innovatorium, Sønderhøj 48
Welcome by Ulla Haahr and Jesper Klintrup Nielsen, Business Academy Aarhus.
Introduction to Experts in Teams 2017 – the modules, workshop and the team behind EIT 2017.
Presentation of the overall theme ‘Sustainability’ linked to the topics: Globalization, Recycling, Experience Economy and Digital Technologies.
A light meal will be served.

In villages, Sønderhøj 48
As a student you are assigned to a specific village together with 15-25 fellow students.
Here you will meet your interdisciplinary team and prepare a collaboration agreement, the competency triangle, and do teambuilding exercises.
You will also meet your facilitators who are lecturers from different study programs at Business Academy Aarhus.
At the end of Module 1, we will introduce a reflection exercise. This should help you to get the best possible learning outcome. 
During the day, there will be a competition: ‘Most Twisted Competency'. 

Module 2: The team
 6 October from 12.10 – 3.30 pm

Joint session in the Innovatorium, Sønderhøj 48
Introduction to today’s module. The focus of Module 2 will be on interdisciplinary teamwork, group dynamics and why interdisciplinary teamwork skills are relevant to study activities and your future career.

In villages, Sønderhøj 48
Here you will join your team from Module 1.
You will do exercises within your team and continue to explore the topic of your village and discuss how each team member can contribute with personal, theoretical, practical experiences.
Your facilitators will guide you through the different exercises and follow the work in your team.
At the end of the module, we will introduce you to the innovation process which is the focus in Module 3.
As introduced in Module 1, you continue to work with your learning outcome.
Again, there will be a competition: ‘Team Player of the Day’.
A light meal will be served.

Module 3: The innovation process 
13 October from 12.10 – 3.30 pm

Joint session in the Innovatorium, Sønderhøj 48
Introduction to today’s module. You will be introduced to the innovation process and creativity tools with examples from real life. 
You will go through an innovation process in your team and experience typical challenges related to idea generation.
Wrap-up with wraps.

In villages, Sønderhøj 48
After gaining insight into your topic, you are now ready to meet your case-company. The company is from the micro-segment. An executive from the company will tell about the company, industry, market situation, key products, etc.
You now have the opportunity to find more insights relevant to the company and the industry.
(The specific company challenge is presented during Workshop Day 1.)
As introduced in Module 1, you continue to work with your leaning outcome.
Again, we have a competition: 'Instagram'. 

The highpoint
26-27 October: Workshop. Thursday: 9 am – 6 pm, Friday 9 am – 3 pm 

Sønderhøj 48
During the two-day workshop you will experience innovation and interdisciplinary teamwork in close corporation with a small and/or newly started company.
You will mainly be working in your teams at the workshop.
At the beginning of the workshop the case-company will present you to the company challenge.
Your team then goes through an innovation process to come up with solutions for the company challenge.  During the process, you will make use of the tools, methods and inputs you were introduced to in Module 1-3.
You must consider and develop different options for visualizing and prototyping of your solution.
Your facilitators will guide you through the different stages and follow your innovation process.
You will also have the possibility to consult with various experts from the academy during the two days.
At the end of Day 2 your team presents your solution to the case-company.
The companies will give all teams feedback and there will be prizes for the best ideas and solutions.
Light meals will be served during the workshop.

Module 4: Learning outcome, implementation and evaluation
3 November from 12.10 – 3.30 pm

Sønderhøj 48
Your team will meet again to present and discuss the experiences and learning points from the workshop.
There will be prizes for the best team and the best team members.
We will do a follow-up on the workshop, your solutions and further discuss the ready-to-market issue.
There will be a discussion of the learning outcomes and takeaways in relation to your future studies and career
Finally, we will say goodbye for now and serve a light meal.

Apply for participation

The number of participants is limited and students need to apply for participation.

Please apply no later than 8 September 2017. 

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