Leadership in Practice

- a compulsory subject on the part-time Academy Profession degree in leadership

Skilful leaders are conscious of their own conduct and management style and familiar with relevant leadership and collaboration forms. Therefore, it is important that you as a leader know your own strengths and weaknesses, but are also aware of your employees’ competencies and development potential.

With 'Leadership in Practice' you qualify yourself to perform leadership functions in practice, while at the same time you develop your personal leadership style.

The subject’s content

  • management theory
  • personal leadership style/development
  • communication
  • learning and development processes
  • conflict management
  • method

Your benefit from this subject

Once you have taken the course, you will be able to:

  • understand general practice-related management theories
  • understand different leadership requirements and expectations from employees, colleagues and top management
  • analyse your own time and use different personal planning tools
  • assess various managerial modes of efficiency in the specific leadership situations and apply them in practice
  • understand the importance of dialogue as a leadership tool and take into account and understand the communication situation and its impact on your effectiveness
  • use appropriate tools when you present messages and issues
  • work with your own learning and competency development
  • spar with others and create a basis for their development
  • understand and analyse various conflict types and understand the fundamental nature of the conflict
  • assess the conflict and on this basis, choose between different conflict resolution models.

Teaching based on practical learning

The teaching is based on practical learning. Your learning transpires through a combination, where you get new knowledge from presentations, experiments, experience and reflection. The teaching is therefore largely based on the assumption that you will be active and contribute with your own experience – both in the classroom and in your group.

Exam and ECTS

You finish the course with an oral exam which is combined with a business case. You will be marked according to the Danish 7-point scale. 'Leadership in Practice' gives 10 ECTS.

Start in February or September

Our classes start in either February or September, and we accept students continuously for the upcoming class. Send your application as soon as you have decided to take this subject as there may be a waiting list.

Whole education, or isolated subject.

`Leadership in Practice` is a subject on the Academy Profession Degree in leadership and management, which is a part of the leadership subject area.The Subject can also be taken as an elective on another academy profession degree, or it can be taken as an isolated subject.

Other subjects in this part-time programme are not currently offered in English, but please contact us at part-time@baaa.dk or phone +45 7228 6160 for enquiries.