Application and agreement

Students from Business Academy Aarhus who do their internship in their own company are first in line for the use of GROW facilities. If there are more applicants than we can accomodate, the selection will be made based on the application and an interview. 

The agreement is valid for the period of 1 February - 31 July or 1 August - 31 January.

After handing-in the application form, the company will recieve an e-mail with approval of the application. For companies in GROW the following applies: 

  • The students will be offered a portable drawer on which their company name will be written. Hereafter, any GROW office place is freely available, you will not have a fixed office space. After use, the drawers must be returned to their original space every day. Each company must pay DKK 300 as a deposit for using the drawers. The money is refunded when keys for the drawer are returned
  • GROW students have access to a printer on the ground floor, the first floor and on the second floor
  • Access to conference facilities and the internet is free of charge. Conference rooms can be booked by sending an e-mail to Jette Heimdal Jensen:
  • The Academy will dispose of the companies’ rubbish
  • It is possible to use the kitchen facilities on the second floor
  • It is always the student's responsibility to de-register the company address etc.
  • The students bring their own laptops, screens etc. Storage of these items at the Academy are at one's own risk. The Academy does not have any insurance that will cover students' potential loses
  • The facilities at Sønderhøj 48 can be accessed by using a special entry pass which will be handed out as soon as possible after entering into this agreement. If access to the Academy outside of regular opening hours is required, this entry pass is to be used. If the alarm goes off, you must call the alarm company immediately
  • The undersigned commits themself to full discretion regarding all business relations concerning other GROW companies' work, products, employees, competitors etc. that one might get information about when using the facilities in GROW. This also applies after the agreement on the use of the GROW facilities has expired
  • Students can maintain an office space in GROW until the student's company reaches a turnover of 100,000 DKK or until 3 months after graduation. If the office space is not used, or if other students fulfil the conditions to a greater extent, the Academy can cancel the contract with a week’s notice
  • Students commit themselves to notifying the Academy if the company closes or if there is no longer a need for an office place in GROW.

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