Management science models

- english description

Elective element at the 7th semester of the Financial Management and Services Programme. 

The course is a supplement course for students who wish to apply for a master's degree at Aarhus University. 


Management science models (5 ECTS)

  • describe and argue for the use of different types of models for troubleshooting purposes
  • formulate, solve and interpret solutions to linear programming problems and whole figure programming problems
  • describe methods used to address optimisation problems with several objectives and solve such problems
  • describe examples of heuristic methods, their usage and set up simple heuristics and apply these
  • describe decision-making situations and decision-making criteria in the light of uncertainty and risk, set up decision-making trees and apply these as basis for the decision-making process
  • build simple simulation models, carry out simulations and interpret resulting solutions




The course starts in August 2014. The exact dates will be publishes in May. 


You will finish the course with a written exam.


The course price is 200 DKK.

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